Health Care (Preventive and curative)

Health Care (Preventive and curative)

The organization has a health program under which it has been providing health support to its beneficiaries and the local community. Well skilled MBBS doctors, Paramedics, Medical Assistant have been providing health services to its beneficiaries of the working areas. SPA has started integrated health program within the target families based on the following objectives: 

            -          To provide General health treatment especially maternal &Child Heath.

            -           To ensure safe delivery in well environment.

            -           To provide Pathological test in low and easy accessible rate.

            -           To make the people of operation area aware about health.

            -           To educate about water and sanitation.

            -          To educate about STD (sexual transmitted diseases) HIV/AIDs and provide Family Planning knowledge and supply of contraceptives to the family Planning users.

            -           To provide primary treatment to the poor patients.

            -           To educate on Nutrition Education.

            -           To advice the pregnant mothers on EPI and to provide the TT to the fertile couple.

            -          Medical Checkup for ailments.

            -           Free prescription for the have not &

            -           Free Oral Saline distribution etc. 

            Field organizer providing motivation and awareness building to the community in regular     group meeting, besides organization provides treatment including prescription on weekly   basis by 03 MBBS doctors and 04 Paramedics. During this time they also advise the       community people on health promotional affairs.

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