Training Program

Training Program

Training plays an important role in Socio-economic development area. Because the workers and the beneficiaries should be trained enough to implement different development activities. So training program is most essential for an organization. The targeted people are made conscious through the staff. Every human has some hidden qualities and knowledge but due to some circumstances he could not reveal these knowledge and qualities. So through training, this hidden knowledge can be revealed. A worker can do that work in organized ways and promptly. We think, training is a learning process in development and this learning is essentials for everyone. Considering these, it arranges different training of the beneficiaries and staff members. SPA mobilized its target beneficiaries to form equity among them by giving some skill development trainings. After the completion of the course, participants were seen very willing about sharing the learning among them. 

Training Sessions provides by SPA: 

i) Social Awareness Rising & Women Development Training.

ii) Leadership Development Training.

iii) Group Accounts & Record Keeping Training.

iv) Mother & Child Health Care Training:

v) Family Management & Cooking Balanced Food Training

vi) Environment A Wariness Raising Training:

vii) Preventive Health Care Training:

viii) Credit Utilization:

ix) Handicrafts Training:

x) BCC 

Training Facilities of SPA:     It is one of most significant initiatives of SPA training facilities is available is its all Unit Offices in which producers Group members, Group   Leaders, Group Leaders, Group members and SPA development workers are trained up regularly. Producer group members are getting continuous on the job training from the training centers SPA Two Sessions could be arranged at a time including 60 participants with proper accommodation. Relevant training materials are also available here. Training aid available:

·        Well established training center (with residential facilities);

·        Guidelines/ Curriculum on various issues;

·        White Board and Clip Board;

·        Picture/hand outs, leaf lets;

·        TV, VCP, OHP, Multimedia, Movie & Still Camera

·        Pen (Writing & Marker) Note Book. Bags & File Folders

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